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Emeritus professor Calvin Shenk, who led Bible department and championed cross-cultural program, lived a life of Christian witness

Calvin E. Shenk, professor emeritus of religion who taught at Eastern Mennonite University from 1976-2001, has died. He resided in Harrisonburg, Virginia. His wife Marie passed away in 2010. The couple, both 1959 graduates of Eastern Mennonite College, returned after 14 years of missionary work in Africa to make an indelible mark on the vision … More

Alumnus of the Year 2002: J. Harold Zook

Honored with his school’s “Spirit of the Eagle” award, J. Harold Zook ‘59 has soared beyond expectations. Zook, the 2002 EMU Alumnus of the Year, has used his gifts and positive spirit during a 36-year career in education to influence hundreds o f young lives, despite a major disability. Former students, parents, staff and administrators … More

Distinguished Service Award 2013: Ezra T. Peachey

Ezra T. Peachey ’54 (Seminary ’56) left his home in Belleville, Pa., in 1959 to drive 2½ days to remote northwestern Ontario. His initial mission, along with his wife Nannie and her sister and father, was to organize a two-week summer Bible school for native peoples in the small town of Red Lake at the … More

Academics in the field of numbers

“When I first began working at Eastern Mennonite College,” recalls professor emeritus Wilmer Lehman ’57, “teaching at EMC was seen as a kind of mission of the church.” Back in the era of Sputnik, math education was a carefully calculated national priority, and teachers of mathematics were in high demand. This small private school struggled to … More

A highlight on Calvin Shenk

Calvin Shenk ’59 does not have to face the existential question of whether he would be willing to die in a nonviolent act to save the life of another person. He would. The test came in 1985. Shenk and his wife Marie were leading an EMU group that was staying temporarily in a Palestinian community … More

The continuing legacy of the Augsburgers

From the mid-1960s through the 1970s – encompassing 15 years of great social change within Eastern Mennonite College and beyond – theologian Myron Augsburger (BA ’55, BTh ’58) led this institution of higher education. “As a well-known evangelist, Myron had the vision and stature to guide EMC from being a rather insular school – one … More

Joseph Martin retraces his path to Harvard medical dean

Joseph Martin, a native of Canada and an Eastern Mennonite University graduate, credits a firm foun­dation in reality, tempered with plenty of humor, as the cornerstone of his tenure as head of one the nation’s most prestigious medical schools. Martin shared nearly 50 years of medical school wit and wisdom with about 75 people at … More

Meet the drone-toting Riehls, radicals in their 80s?

“He needs me to go with him when he has the drone,” Marie Riehl says, referring to her husband, Daniel. It takes both Riehls to load this drone into their vehicle. Behind the driver’s wheel, Daniel relies on Marie’s eyes to compensate for his partly obstructed view. Interviewed in their living room, the Riehls speak … More

Dramatist remembers controversy surrounding performance of Shakespeare in the early ’60s

I was a student at Eastern Mennonite College for the 1961-62 school year, fulfilling a desire to spend some time in a Mennonite academic setting. Since I already had a bachelor’s degree, I was enrolled in the seminary for that year. As the school year came to a close, I was asked to direct a … More

Still ‘Speedy’ after all these years: Margaret Gehman donates VW Beetle

At age 88, Margaret Martin Gehman of Harrisonburg has lost a little of her trademark drive, largely because she has parted company with a faithful friend. [This article was originally published on the EMU website in 2012.] Dr. Gehman and her trusty, albeit a bit rusty, mechanical steed, a blue 1967 Volkswagen Beetle, are almost … More